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About David Eads

David Eads is a mobile commerce veteran and founded consulting firm Mobile Strategy Partners ( in 2009. David Eads also led Product Marketing and was General Manager of Financial Services for Kony, the mobile commerce platform vendor.

As a blogger (Mobile Manifesto) and frequent industry speaker, David has been interviewed about mobile for national media outlets like Mobile Commerce Daily, Internet Retailer, Marketplace on NPR, Inc Magazine, The Toronto Star, and The Christian Science Monitor.

David is plugged into mobile initiatives at hundreds of companies across a number of vertical markets and is focused on helping organizations grow their business by getting innovative products to market faster and serve their customers better.

David also worked at mFoundry, the mobile banking and payment company. While talking to hundreds of banks of all sizes throughout much of the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, David often encountered institutions in need of objective assistance in developing and executing their mobile strategy. David also saw example after example of institutions repeating costly mistakes that other institutions had made.

David realized that banks and other businesses had little access to objective metrics and best practices information relating to mobile. Furthermore David also realized many of our ecommerce approaches to commerce need significant altering to fit the mobile context and the target device.

Before mFoundry, David spent four years at Tealeaf Technology helping ecommerce companies increase revenue, lower costs and improve customer loyalty through improved Customer Experience Management.

In this role, David got a first hand view at the challenges ecommerce executives, business and technical staff face in optimizing electronic channels. A large part of Customer Experience Management involved understanding subtle nuances in the user experience that have significant revenue implications.

Additionally, David also has a decade of technical experience developing enterprise software systems in Java and other languages for UNIX, Windows, and other systems. David also wrote the FlightShaker™ iPhone travel application.

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