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Here we go again: new iPhone may use biometrics for mobile payment – or not.

2013 July 30
AppleInsider cross-section of fingerprint reader

AppleInsider cross-section of fingerprint reader

Perhaps the third time’s the charm. The upcoming iPhone may use a biometric fingerprint reader in the home button and perhaps in place of passwords. This would be a killer app feature indeed.

Biometrics coupled with their now 600 million credit cards on file could instantly catapult Apple into a major player in the payments industry.

Will it happen? Who knows. We’ve all been wrong before. If the feature really is coming, Apple will likely work the bugs out of the feature as a password replacement before hitching biometrics to something as mission-critical as payments. Furthermore, if the new iPhone were to have NFC, the supply-chain rumor mill would likely have alerted us to massive numbers of NFC chips being shipped to Apple suppliers in Asia.

What this means to most of us is that mobile innovation isn’t likely to slow down soon. We all need to stay focused on how to deliver more innovation. Anyone who slows down is going to get lapped.

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