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Leaving Kony, Back to Mobile Consulting Full Time

2012 April 15

I am back to running Mobile Strategy Partners full time and we are accepting new client consulting requests. George Kelley and I are the key partners with support from our team.

Since November 2010 I’ve been at Kony Solutions full time and recused myself from Mobile Strategy Partners to prevent any conflicts of interest. At Kony, I ran Product Marketing until December 2011 when I was named General Manager of Financial Services.

While at Kony, I accomplished what founder Raj Koneru and I set out to do. I built a strong Product Marketing team that cranked out a tremendous amount of high quality deliverables across seven or more verticals. We did two full web site redesigns and rewrites.  We also trained over 60 sales professionals and supported sales in the field as we helped the company grow about 400% in one year (!!).

As GM of Financial Services I led the development of cutting edge mobile financial products that are scheduled for release later this year, including wealth management, commercial banking, and insurance agent portal apps. I also developed a strategy for down-market retail mobile banking that included pricing packages, channel partnerships, and building adapters for key financial services providers.

As rewarding as my time at Kony was, I really wanted to come back to building my own business and help companies compete effectively in this exciting mobile market. At Kony I’ve  gotten to discuss mobile strategy with companies around the world including southeast Asia, Europe, and Latin America in addition to North America. April is the start of Kony’s fiscal year, so the time was right.

I still believe in the strength of Kony’s technology and their approach. Fragmentation is still an issue every company must develop a strategy for. As always, however, we will remain vendor neutral. I have an equity position in Kony, as I do in Apple, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, TD Ameritrade, and Bank of America.

So if you have a mobile project and want the benefit of a team that has seen mobile projects around the world, give us a call. We can help you develop an actionable strategy to leapfrog the competition and take the lead. Possibly more importantly, we can help you execute that strategy and repeat success across your organization.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you succeed.



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