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Personalization is critical for mobile

2012 April 9
by David Eads
Mobile Commerce enables mass personalization

Mobile Commerce enables mass personalization

Personalization can mean many things. In the end, personalization is about trying to anticipate a customer’s needs and deliver something relevant at just the right time. This is the holy grail of customer service no matter what business you are in. And mobile brings personalization closer to reality.

Mobile is almost always with consumers. Mobile devices contain lots of user context information including location, cached data, personal contacts and so on. By truly personalizing our mobile offerings using this new contextual information, we can offer more relevant and differentiated offerings.

Sadly, too many companies look at their enterprise infrastructure and throw up their hands and say “It’s too hard.” The companies that figure out how to truly transform the customer experience will force this transformation.

Feel free to reach out directly to discuss specific industry examples.

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