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Going iPad Naked

2012 April 5
by David Eads
Using the iPad as a Primary Device

Using the iPad as a Primary Device

I’m thinking of ditching my computer and only using my iPad. It makes me nervous.

It’s still rare for me to see anyone do presentations using their tablet. I do see people travel with just their tablet. I see people using tablets in meetings. But, I don’t know anyone personally who has entirely ditched their laptop for their tablet. Apple still makes a lot of money from MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Tablets are clearly the future, though.

I’m somewhat of a minimalist. I like using command lines and editing in Vi. I resisted buying a case for my original iPad until it was scratched and dented. I did the same with my iPhone until I couldn’t make phone calls at all on AT&T. {Insert joke here}.

I currently have some business software that requires Windows, so I run in in Parallels on my Mac. If I can avoid using that last bit of software, I think I can do it.

I’m going to the Apple store now to get one of those overpriced Bluetooth keyboards.

I think I’m going to go for it.

What do you think? Can you go tablet-only? Have you?

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  1. April 6, 2012

    I am slowly getting there. My work computer at Pingdom is a 15-inch MBP, which I used to carry home with me every day. Since buying the new iPad (upgrade from first gen) I rarely take it home now, instead using the iPad at home (and in the office). With a Bluetooth keyboard at home, I can type just as well, and I even hook the iPad up to a Cinema Display. Sure, there still are things that are not as easy to do with the iPad, but for most things there are good enough solutions. And the convenience with long battery life and portability is just amazing.

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