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David Eads to Lead Product Marketing for Mobile Commerce Provider Kony Solutions

2010 November 19

Kony Solutions - Mobile CommerceStarting November 22, I will be working with Kony Solutions full-time leading their product marketing efforts.

I am excited to work with Kony because I believe they are solving a problem that affects almost every company, in every industry, worldwide. I think they can become a fixture of global technology infrastructure. Just like every company needs a database or app server, they also need Kony technology to decouple product roadmaps from exponential platform fragmentation.

I see the potential for Kony to become the next Oracle, BEA, or Cisco.

As I outlined in my previous post, it seems everyone in mobile commerce is wrestling with platform fragmentation. I have done extensive work for clients on this issue including deep research into a number of vendors attempting to address this problem. I was very impressed with Kony Solutions. A number of my clients also were impressed after doing their independent analysis.

I believe the Kony technology is very strong. I also believe they have put together a great team, many of whom I’ve worked with before and respect. Furthermore, their founder, and my new boss, has built a number of successful public companies in the past.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with even more companies worldwide on mobile commerce and help them spend more time focusing on their product roadmap and less time dealing with mobile device fragmentation.

Other Mobile Strategy Partners consultants, like George Kelley and Jose Colucci, will continue serving clients. Mobile Strategy Partners will continue, but of course, I won’t be available as a resource. Mobile Strategy Partners will also remain independent and objective and will not promote any particular product.

I intend to continue writing here and sharing my analysis of the industry from my perspective. My goal is to share an even broader view as I gain insight into even more companies internationally.

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