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Signs of the Apocalypse? Or are Mobile Payments Just Real?

2010 March 19
Arkansas Government Mobile Payments

Arkansas supports mobile payments for select services

Arkansas now lets citizens make select payments via mobile phones.

Functionally, it’s simply a mobile web page that lets you enter a credit card number. However, this is a welcome sign for the mobile payments industry.

Let’s face it, government services for citizens are usually the last place technology is adopted. We’re required by law to find a way to make a payment. Stand in line and like it.

Right now few government agencies at any level offer mobile access, much less the ability to pay on your phone. For that matter, it’s still somewhat rare for government to give you the privilege of paying government fees online.

Perhaps this is a glimmer of hope that consumer mobile security concerns are abating. Security concerns have stubbornly hovered around 42% as a reason not to use mobile technology. Slowly but surely, mobile technology is making its way into our lives.

Technically this is hardly different than entering a credit card number into a traditional web site. Most iPhone and Android users probably do this already when they have to. I’m also confident isn’t going to break any records for usage in absolute terms. Come on, how many users can there possibly be in Pulaski County? When industry numbers are quoted nationally and internationally, one county looks small by comparison.

It’s a start though. I’ll be interested to see the adoption numbers in percentage terms and in comparison to traditional web usage.

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