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Google Nexus One impact on Mobile Commerce

2010 January 5
by David Eads

Google Nexus One Android Smartphone unveiling

There’s no way to tell if today’s unveiling of the Google Nexus One phone will turn out as momentous an event as the original iPhone unveiling. Today is our first glimpse and no consumers have one in-hand.

What is clear is that Android will play a prominent part in mobile commerce for the next few years. The Motorola Droid on Verizon appears to have sold around 1 million units in its first few months. Google has tremendous marketing power and ownership of arguably the most effective advertising platform around (the Google search engine). There’s reason to believe sales will be good especially if the economy continues to improve.

Android has made major market share gains in the last year. Increasingly Android and iPhone traffic dominate mobile commerce sites. The similarities between the devices (and their dissimilarities between the other phones they’re displacing) show us how consumers want to interact with their phone.

Organizations should plan for this type of device to dominate their mobile traffic in the near future. Consumers will expect organizations to leverage the advanced capabilities of these devices to make working with you easier.

Lowest common denominator won’t work much longer.

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