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Mobile Financial Notes (so far…)

2009 December 2
by David Eads

I’m at the Mobile Financial Congress in Miami today with leading bankers from around the continent. I’m seeing two key themes that signal a maturing mobile banking marketplace in North America.

  • Mobile Banking has a real, measurable & defensible ROI
  • Boring intangibles like reporting, analytics, monitoring, cross-channel management are critical

You can’t build an ROI on what you’ve done if you can’t measure who’s using it, how much, what it means to them, and how it affects your business. Getting the mobile channel live is just the start. Once it’s out there, it’s a business you have to manage. You can’t do that if you’re blind.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen a vendor solution or built in-house (or even if you’re in another vertical not related to banking) you need the ability manage your business. If you can’t measure specific behavior, you can’t manage your business.

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    Very nice Blog, I will tell my friends about it.


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