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Mobile for The Chosen Ones?

2009 September 10
Disappointed from Tamir Khason

Photo Credit: Disappointed by Tamir Khason

Mobile Commerce, and Mobile Banking in particular, uses a lot of complicated technology.

It’s hard, but your customers don’t care. Your customers just want to connect with you on their mobile phone.

Your customer is just sitting at a stoplight and has thought about you and needs to do business in 20 seconds or less.

You have a dilema:

  • Do you pick a platform and serve those customers (“The Chosen Ones”) really well, ignoring the rest?
  • Do you go for a lowest common denominator solution that serves all your customers equally bad?
  • Do you tailor solutions for individual platforms and invest a lot of resources in maintaining multiple solutions?

Almost every organization considering mobile has to make these critical decisions. Customers feel alienated when they respond to your marketing blitz and find out they’re not part of the select few you targeted. Meanwhile, it’s almost worse than doing nothing if your user experience isn’t great. You DO NOT want to be the banks at the bottom of this recent mobile banking report card.

Waiting isn’t an option either. Customers generally aren’t telling companies they’re doing business elsewhere because of mobile. They’re just going. Waiting isn’t likely to help anyway. Historically, mobile continues to become more and more fragmented. Waiting just means you’ll have less experience and less of a competitive advantage.

What do you do?

It depends. Like a chilly pool, it’s probably just best to jump in and deal with it. It’ll get better. But that doesn’t mean you should jump in without a plan. Every organization has its own unique circumstances. In general, it’s probably best to do a bit of everything. That’s what the banks at the top of that report card did.

Not all companies can do a number of projects at once. In fact, many of the companies with multiple approaches, quietly built, piloted and tested their systems through multiple iterations before doing the big media blitz. The “Fast Followers” probably don’t have that luxury.

The best thing to do is probably to find someone (like me) that’s been there to help you. Then, jump in.

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