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Insurance does mobile

2009 August 17
Nationwide Insurance Consumer iPhone Application

Nationwide Insurance Consumer iPhone Application

I think one of the key indicators that the web was all grown up was when insurance companies started relying heavily on web applications.

Insurance companies are increasingly relying on mobile applications by developing them for their agents and/or customers.

For example last year CIO magazine highlighted the mobile agent application AFLAC provides. Agents reported winning deals they might otherwise have lost because of the immediacy of mobile applications. AFLAC says they have a number more applications in the works.

Similarly, Nationwide has a consumer focused iPhone application that helps document accidents among other things. USAA provides insurance features like proof of insurance in it’s suite of financial applications. State Farm provides a somewhat stripped down WAP application for consumers.

Insurance is a competitive industry. As applications are successful, I’m sure we’ll see comparable applications pop up from other companies.

My money is on applications catering to the productivity of independent agents (producers).

Independent agents are where the money comes from. If they’re selling your policies, they didn’t sell a competitors.

Like everything else, it’s all about increasing revenue.

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