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Mobile Freedom

2009 July 1

So I’ve finally broken out…

I’ve spent most of the last two years literally talking to thousands of bankers about mobile technology. In fact, I suspect there are very few people, if any, that have discussed mobile banking with more bank and credit union folk than I have. Like Johnny Cash sang, “I’ve been everywhere, man.” From the Southern US to the Mountain West, from New York to Texas and Mexico. And most especially to Canada and Puerto Rico, where I think mobile banking surprises could happen at any time.

The bottom line is that everyone is going to do mobile. Mobile is here to stay. I’m betting everything I have on it.

I’m officially hanging up my shingle and starting my own company: Mobile Strategy Partners ( I’m free now to share my insight after speaking to so many banks and credit unions. I have started my own business because I see so much interest and potential in mobile technology, yet I’ve seen so many disappointments due to vaporware, implementation issues and strategic mistakes.

Not only do I have unique and extensive experience in mobile banking, but I have a very uncommon combination of experience in both business and technology. My career spans technical writing, years of Java development and large scale design, Product Management, and Sales. I’ve even written my own iPhone application ( Of course I’ve worked with banks and credit unions, but I’ve also done extensive work with brokerages, travel, wireless, retail and logistics among other verticals.

The point of Mobile Strategy Partners is to leverage my experience to help organizations successfully make the leap from ecommerce to mobile commerce. We have only begun to see the impact of the mobile revolution.

I’m focusing particularly on working with financial services, travel, and ecommerce companies as they figure out their mobile strategy. Every company and its customers are unique. Every organization needs to figure out how mobile fits into their business to help them become more profitable and more competitive.

If you’ve read this far, odds are that you’re in the industry and odds are that you know me. I’m here to help you.

I’ll be calling.

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